Preikestolen foto: Svein-Magne Tunli

The Pulpit Rock

The Pulpit Rock rises 604 meters over the Lysefjord and is the most famous tourist attraction in Ryfylke and Rogaland. On top of the large plateau, you can enjoy the view of the mountains and the entire Lysefjord.

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Salmon studio

By the salmon stairs in Sandsfossen you will find the first salmon studio built in Norway. The bottom section of the salmon studio is under water, and here one can see fish heading up the stairs through two large glass windows.

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Salmon safari

While wearing a survival suit, snorkel and mask, you flow freely down through the rapids of the powerful river Suldalslågen. This is a nature adventure of a different world. One salmon swims past, and another is banging against the current. This is Salmon Safari.

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Litunet Ryfylkemuseet

The Ryfylke Museum

The Ryfylke Museum is a regional museum for the municipalities in Ryfylke. In Suldal you can visit farms from the farming community in addition to the school museum and church. Litunet, with its wonderful views towards the Hylsfjord, is a distinctive group of farm buildings from the 1700s.

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Høse Bru

Høse Bridge & Sandsfossen

Høse bridge is a part of the National Tourist route in Ryfylke and crosses Suldalslågen by Høse, right above the waterfall. It is in addition to being part of the National Tourist route, also part of a new walking trail, which goes on to Høse and Gåsavika on Sand.

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Blåsjø foto: Martin NH


Blåsjø is the largest energy magazine in Norway. Here you will also find the largest embankment dam, Norway's highest embankment dam and the largest concrete dam. At the highest regulated water level, the Blåsjø magazine covers an area of over 82 km2.2.

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Sentrum walk

Would you like to hear more about Sand, and how it was built? We have guides who gladly take you on a walking tour between the old houses in Sand. It can also be combined with a visit to the Ryfylke Museum and / or the salmon studio. A guided tour takes about 1.5 hours.

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Røldal Stavkirke

Røldal Stave Church

Røldal Stave Church is the main tourist attraction in Røldal, and located in the centre of the village. The church is frequently visited because of its special decoration and history. The church was built around the year 1250.

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